Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

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Andrea Albanez Opinions Editor Elect

This past month we have had a lot of great sporting events. The NFL Draft and the 141st Kentucky Derby brought the usual excitement that occurs this time of year, but many were amped and focused on “the fight of the century” between Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. The hype accompanying the event brought much speculation as to how it would play out, but many were disappointed with the outcome.

The build up to the fight was what caused the fight to get so much attention. Many people were buzzing on social media, choosing if they were on Team Pacman (Pacquiao supporters) or The Money Team (Mayweather supporters).

The overall money spent on the fight and bidding on a winner was enormous. According to CNN, $180,000 is the estimated cost of the ringside seats on the night of the fight; $100 was the fee pay-per-view subscribers had to pay in order to watch the fight; and $1.5 million was the net worth of Pacquiao’s shorts alone after the fight. And, according to The Guardian, a $500,000 bet on Pacquiao to win was the biggest wager that the MGM Grand ever had for a fight. The event that took place on April 23rd became a $300 million dollar fight that many were excited to watch.

The fight itself had unexpected outcomes. Mayweather threw 435 total punches in the match, with Pacquiao close behind with a total of 429 punches. This was below Pacquiao’s usual average of thrown punches. Though they both had a similar amount of punches, Pacquiao only landed 81 of those punches, while Mayweather landed 134 punches.

Based on the statistics, the three judges scored the fight as 116-112, 116-112, and 118-110 in Mayweather’s favor, resulting in Mayweather winning the fight by a unanimous decision.

At the end of the fight, many were upset by the fact that Mayweather won, but many more were more upset about the controversy that arose after the fight. According to The National, just an hour after the fight, Pacquiao was complaining about an injury in his right shoulder during the fight; since he did not come forward with the injury before the fight, he is “likely to face disciplinary action for failing to disclose a previous shoulder injury.”

Viewers watching the fight at the arena or pay-per-view who felt that the end result was “cheated” from them have considered suing.

The fight that was supposed to be a mega-hit turned out to be an average fight between two great boxers that many felt were beyond their prime. We will just have to wait again until we have the next big boxing match to see if it is all that we hope it to be.

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